Master Class 2



An extraordinary opportunity for personal growth and mastery with

our captivating Masterclass series!

These one-day immersive sessions will take you on an experiential journey like never before.

Each meticulously designed class will immerse you in a wealth of information, unveiling cutting-edge procedures and protocols that will expand your healing skills to new heights. Masterclass 2 sets the stage for your transformational voyage into the profound world of healing.

Explore the following empowering modules that will enrich your understanding and abilities:

1. Clearing Negative Generational Programs: Unravel the impact of generational patterns on our well-being and learn techniques to break free from limiting ancestral influences.

2. Balancing Endocrine System: Dive into the intricate realm of the endocrine system and discover how to achieve balance and harmony within this vital aspect of our health.

3. Aculight/Acupressure: Experience the power of aculight and acupressure techniques, tapping into the body’s energy pathways to promote healing and vitality.

4. Activating and Balancing the Vagus Nerve: Gain insights into the essential role of the vagus nerve in overall well-being and learn methods to activate and balance it for enhanced health.

5. Information and Tips on Practice Building: Receive valuable guidance on building a successful healing practice, unlocking the potential to reach and help more people in need.

Our Masterclass series represents the pinnacle of Integrated Healing training, empowering you to reach an advanced level of expertise. Completing all four captivating Masterclasses will equip you to navigate the realms of healing with unparalleled proficiency and insight. Embrace this transformative journey of self-discovery and unlock your true potential with Integrated Healing’s extraordinary Masterclass series.

Are you ready to seize the opportunity and embark on a path of transformative possibilities?

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