Life Upgrade

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Life Upgrade

Realigning with Your Magnificent True Self 2.5 Hour Workshop

Life Upgrade is gentle, nurturing self-development workshop.  Developed by Psychologist Mathilda van Dyk, Co-Founder of world-renowned Integrated Healing, Life Upgrade is all about empowering YOU and giving you tools to truly be your “Magnificent True Self”.  Within the process you learn to clear programs that cause self-limiting beliefs/fears, self-sabotage, destructive behaviour, and so much more.  You learn tools to make your life easier and better, with strategies to enable you to truly live your Greatness.  You will be guided to tap into your personal power point … the Calm in the Centre of the Storm.

Open to anyone. No prior experience necessary.  This workshop is an excellent introduction to the outstanding Integrated Healing series of workshops where you will deepen your learning; your ability to help others; and truly live the life you were meant to.  

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