Phobia Clearing

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Phobia Clearing

1 in 10 people have some sort of phobia.  Most don’t seek help as they are embarrassed, or have tried so many different ways of clearing their particular inner nightmare.  Phobias can hold us back and affect us in many different ways. From minor inconveniences to major impacts on the way we live, the effects of phobias can have very real knock-on effects on our day-to-day lives.

Integrated Healing offers a specialist Phobia Clearing Protocol which can clear phobias in just one session. 

Phobia Clearing sessions are specifically tailored to your particular phobia and are carried out on location where appropriate.

All sessions are approached in a safe and sympathetic manner.

Please get in contact for further details or to discuss the details of your phobia. 

  • Flying
  • Animals
  • Birds
  • Objects
  • Heights
  • Crowds
  • Open Spaces
  • Medical / Dental Visits or Treatment
  • And Many More!