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Kinesiology Treatments

Kinesiology accesses the energetic blocks held within the body/mind/spirit of the individual. We help you clear these blocks to allow your whole system to return to its natural state of “Well-Being”. 

Kinesiology can help with all sorts of conditions: physical; mental; emotional; spiritual … Treatments can be in person or Online.  Click above for Treatments on offer:

One to One Sessions

Release the blocks that are holding you back from being happy, healthy and the real, authentic you. 

A one-to-one Integrated Healing session is the ideal way to help your mind and body restore balance and to clear the way for your body’s natural healing abilities to flow freely.  

Babies & Children

Integrated Healing is perfect for supporting babies and children who are as yet unable to articulate their emotions fully or consciously understand their physical pains and discomforts. 

It allows us to get to the true root cause of an issue and to help our little (and not-quite-so-little!) ones stay healthy, happy and well. 

Phobia Clearing

Phobias can hold us back and affect us in many different ways. From minor inconveniences to major impacts on the way we live, the effects of phobias can have very real knock-on effects on our day-to-day lives.

Integrated Healing offers a specialist Phobia Clearing Protocol which can clear phobias in just one session. 

Home & Office

Have you ever walked into a room or building and instantly felt a negative vibe? Maybe an argument had just taken place or perhaps a break-up or a death had occurred, possibly even many years ago. 

The energy in our homes, workplaces, and surrounds is just as important as our own personal energy, yet it is an aspect of our lives which we often overlook.

Gift Vouchers

Give the gift of balance, healing and peace of mind to those you care about. 

Gift vouchers are available in different denominations and for all session types. 

Remote Sessions

Sessions can be carried out remotely if time or travel constraints are an issue.  

No matter where in the world you are located (or if you simply prefer the comfort of your own home). 

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