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You can elect to learn the very basics of muscle testing in our one day Healing Foundations workshop. (This is a stand-alone workshop that gives information and skills to use muscle testing to clear a number of dysfunctions in the body). Healing Foundations is the precursor for the rest of the Integrated Healing workshops. (If you already have muscle testing experience, you won’t need to attend Healing Foundations).

Healing Pathways

Healing Pathways introduces you to a new, all encompassing, holographic way of doing deep, profound and lasting change-work on a wide range of mental, emotional, spiritual, neurological and physical dysfunctions.

The “Healing Pathway” gives you a structure that is easy, safe and takes the stress away from the practitioner because you are 100% guided by the wisdom of the client’s being.

For the newly qualified kinesiologist: Integrated Healing will instil confidence by adding structure, flow and depth to your balances and by giving you a completely safe system that you can work with immediately after the course, as well as a wide range of tools for your ‘tool kit’.

For the experienced kinesiologist: The huge benefit of the Integrated Healing approach is that nothing you have learned is redundant. The Healing Pathways Protocol will be a powerful add-on (rather than a replacement) for what you already know and do. You will also find that IH really turns kinesiology into kin-‘easy’-ology, by:

Doing away with the need for Hip-and-Jaw stacking or other circuit retaining modes.
Using Holographic Recording to capture a constant, more comprehensive stream of the information related to the client’s dysfunction, and its impact on the client’s total being, including all dimensions, energy fields and connections to the Universe
Adding Holographic Stress Loading using one of the body’s truly holographic systems. This means that the practitioner can capture all relevant information on every dimension of the being. It makes for a faster and more comprehensive and profound balance
Correcting Holographically which means the correction is done on every aspect of the client’s dysfunction/issue and every dimension of the client’s being, this means that the likelihood of a healing crisis is remote.

Healing Concepts

Healing Concepts builds on the Healing Pathway Protocol giving you a structure that is completely safe for addressing deep-seated issues such as those listed below. It also gives you the confidence to know that whatever other issues and/or dysfunctions a client brings in, you WILL be able to work with them. In Integrated Healing you don’t need to know anything about a person’s diseased state, and you will never be worrying if you are using the correct approach/correction, because you will be 100% guided by the wisdom of the client’s being.

Issues addressed in Healing Concepts:

Inner Child Healing * Cutting Negative Energetic Cords * Clearing Invasive Energies * Soul Integration * Age Recession * Clearing Negative Amygdala Memories * Restoring Assemblage Point to Optimum Location * Clearing Redundant Vows * Clearing Deep Level Neurological Switching * Restoring Blueprint States * Clearing & Balancing Chakras * Chamber of Memories * Clearing Imprints * Finding Root Cause * Clearing Sabotage Programs * Accessing Future and Past Healed States * Hologram Access Points * Aura Hook-ups for Integration * Energy Grounding * Surrogacies

Healing Body

o   Healing Body gives you easy ways to address structural and physiological dysfunctions

o   Re-introduces the power of ancient Hands-on Healing techniques

o   Gives you simple procedures to be a more powerful channel for healing energy

o   You will learn how to focus energy and how to boost your receiving and channelling energy through breathing and entrainment techniques

This module will teach you easy, non-invasive, safe ways to work with the following:

Physical Corrections (Short Protocols)

Spine and Back Problems
Atlas and Axis
Releasing Cranial Stress
Structural Alignment  –  Correcting the 7 Parallels
Fascia/Muscle/Bone Corrections  –  Working at 3 levels
Lines of Stress  –  Following the ‘lines of stress’ through the body’s inter-connected holographic matrix
Hip Rotation  –  Often the reason behind knee and ankle problems
Isometric Corrections – A simple technique with a very high success rate for physical, emotional and spiritual dysfunctions
Integrated Touch – Releasing the emotions related to physical dysfunction
Brain Integration – An easy technique to restore Brain Integration

In-depth Protocols

DNA  –  Clearing its cellular environment
Stress Response  –  Synchronising AHP
Medical Implants  –  Accepting Implants/Prosthetics
Thyroid  –  Thyroid-Hypothalamus-Pituitary function correction

Healing Mind

A very important aspect of permanent change is changing the programs that the unconscious mind is running. Our aim is to re-pattern the neurological pathways of the brain to ‘wipe out’ old negative behaviour patterns and install new positive ones by combining kinesiology with mental imaging and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

In the Healing Pathways Protocol we introduced some NLP principles such as clearly defined goals, taking ownership of the change, knowing and believing in the change work etc. In Healing Mind we will be taking this a step further to focus more specifically on the benefits of NLP and Life Coaching as ‘tools-for-change’ within the kinesiology balance.

For better interaction skills you will learn how to:

Get a better understanding of client behaviour
Easier and more effective communication with your clients
Relate to clients from their point of reference or ‘their map of the world’
‘Read’ your clients better
‘Hear’ what is not being said
‘Guide-without-guiding’ by asking empowering questions

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