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Integrated Healing in Queensland

16th June 2023 @ 08:00 - 21st June 2023 @ 16:30

Presenting the outstanding Integrated Healing workshops in Bargara Queensland in June 2023.
Starting 16 June with the 1 day Foundations workshop (for those who do not have muscle testing experience), we take you through a 6 day journey of a profound healing modality that addresses BIG issues that come up time and time again.
The practitioner will learn fabulous techniques and gain a deep understanding of the process, and at the same time work with a modality that takes the guesswork out of treatments.

Foundations is our one-day intro workshop where you learn about Muscle Testing; how issues develop (mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual). We learn about hands on healing and practice three different healing balances.

Healing Pathways is a 2 day workshop that introduces you to a new, all encompassing, holographic way of doing deep, profound and lasting change work on a wide range of mental, emotional, spiritual, neurological and physical dysfunctions. Our “Healing Pathway Protocol” gives you a structure that is very easy, safe and takes the stress away from the practitioner because you will be 100% guided by the wisdom of the client’s being.

Healing Concepts, our 3 day workshop, builds on the Healing Pathway Protocol addressing deep seated issues listed below. It also gives you the confidence to know that whatever other issues/dysfunctions a client presents, you WILL be able to work with them.
Issues addressed in Healing Concepts:

* Inner Child Healing * Cutting Negative Energetic Cords * Clearing Invasive Energies * Soul Integration * Age Recession * Clearing Negative Amygdala Memories * Restoring Assemblage Point to Optimum Location * Clearing Redundant Vows * Clearing Deep Level Neurological Switching * Restoring Blueprint States * Clearing & Balancing Chakras * Chamber of Memories * Clearing Imprints * Finding Root Cause * Clearing Sabotage Programs * Accessing Future and Past Healed States * Hologram Access Points * Aura Hook-ups for Integration * Energy Grounding * Surrogacies … and more.


16th June 2023 @ 08:00
21st June 2023 @ 16:30


Bargara Beachfront