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Integrated Healing 2023 in Australia

20th May 2023 @ 08:30

Integrated Healing is being presented in Merimbula in May 2023.

If you are looking for a healing modality that covers pretty much everything that a practitioner needs, then this modality will tick all the boxes. You will learn techniques that include kinesiology; NLP; Life Coaching: CBT; Thought Field Therapy; Traditional Chinese Medicine; Tapping; and so much more. All within a system that makes healing simple and totally profound.
As a practitioner, you can chose to learn each workshop, one after the other, or just elect to do one or more…
Integrated Healing’s system of holographic healing is comprehensive and fast.

Starting 19 May with the 1 day Foundations workshop (for those who do not have muscle testing experience), we take you through a journey of a profound healing modality that addresses BIG issues that come up time and time again.
The practitioner will learn fabulous techniques and gain a deep understanding of the process, and at the same time work with a modality that takes the guesswork out of treatments.
Foundations is our one-day intro workshop where you learn about Muscle Testing; how issues develop (mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual). We learn about hands on healing and practice three different healing balances.

Healing Pathways is a 2 day workshop that introduces you to a new, all encompassing, holographic way of doing deep, profound and lasting change work on a wide range of mental, emotional, spiritual, neurological and physical dysfunctions. Our “Healing Pathway Protocol” gives you a structure that is very easy, safe and takes the stress away from the practitioner because you will be 100% guided by the wisdom of the client’s being.

Healing Concepts, our 3 day workshop, builds on the Healing Pathway Protocol addressing deep seated issues listed below. It also gives you the confidence to know that whatever other issues/dysfunctions a client presents, you WILL be able to work with them.
Issues addressed in Healing Concepts:
* Inner Child Healing * Cutting Negative Energetic Cords * Clearing Invasive Energies * Soul Integration * Age Recession * Clearing Negative Amygdala Memories * Restoring Assemblage Point to Optimum Location * Clearing Redundant Vows * Clearing Deep Level Neurological Switching * Restoring Blueprint States * Clearing & Balancing Chakras * Chamber of Memories * Clearing Imprints * Finding Root Cause * Clearing Sabotage Programs * Accessing Future and Past Healed States * Hologram Access Points * Aura Hook-ups for Integration * Energy Grounding * Surrogacies … and more.

Healing Body (2 day workshop) gives you easy ways to address structural and physiological dysfunctions and re-introduces the power of ancient Hands-on Healing techniques. The workshop teaches simple procedures to be a more powerful channel for healing energy and you learn how to focus energy and how to boost your receiving and channelling energy through breathing and entrainment techniques. This module will teach you easy, non-invasive, safe ways to work with the following:
Spine and Back Problems * Atlas and Axis * Releasing Cranial Stress * TMJ *
Sphenoid * Structural Alignment * Fascia/ Muscle/ Bone Corrections * Lines of Stress * Hip Rotation – (Often the reason behind knee and ankle problems) * Isometric Corrections * Integrated Touch * Brain Integration.
PLUS In-depth Protocols
DNA – Clearing its cellular environment
Stress Response – Synchronising AHP
Medical Implants – Accepting Implants/Prosthetics
Thyroid – Thyroid-Hypothalamus-Pituitary function correction

Healing Mind – 2 Day Workshop
A very important aspect of permanent change is changing the programs that the unconscious mind is running. Our aim is to re-pattern the neurological pathways of the brain to ‘wipe out’ old negative behaviour patterns and install new positive ones by combining kinesiology with mental imaging and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).
In Healing Mind we focus on the benefits of NLP and Life Coaching as ‘tools-for-change’ within the kinesiology balance.
For better interaction skills you will learn how to:
Get a better understanding of client behaviour * Easier and more effective communication with your clients * Relate to clients from their point of reference or ‘their map of the world’ * ‘Read’ your clients better * ‘Hear’ what is not being said * ‘Guide-without-guiding’ by asking empowering questions *

We are also running the four one-day Master Classes covering issues such as:

Clearing Incongruent Belief Systems * Radiation – Clearing Cellular Environment * Personal Hologram Points * Transformation Procedure * Clearing Negative Entities * Clearing Negative Generational Programs * Balancing Endocrine System * Aculight/Acupressure * Activating and Balancing the Vagus Nerve * Information and tips on Practice Building * Clearing Emotional Bruising * Neuro-Immuno-Lymphatic-Psychological System * Raising Your Vibration * Reactivate Spiritual Layer of Aura * Clearing Toxins * Healing Relationships * Forgiveness * Hand Hologram Points Stimulation * Clearing Trauma / PTSD *
Emotional “Clean Sweep”

Please email info@revelationkinesiology.com for further information or pm this page.


20th May 2023


Merimbula nsw