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Integrated Healing Therapy Training Course

March 7 @ 04:00

Hello, lovely people! Are you ready for a rare and exciting opportunity to learn Integrated Healing in Kilmarnock next March? Nikki Barrett is coming from Australia and taking a detour from her usual location in Horsham, near London, and we are banking on you to make it a success. If this isn’t enough to excite you, wait until you hear about this revolutionary healing system.

Integrated Healing will give you a profound yet straightforward approach to healing after only 5 days of training – with the full course extending to 14 days. Combining unique methodologies with the best elements of psychology, NLP, CBT, life coaching, quantum science, physiology, traditional Chinese medicine, kinesiology and many more, Integrated Healing addresses so many issues that other modalities find hard to deal with.

With us, you’ll focus on:

– self-sabotage and survival programs
– Inner child healing and Amygdala memories
– Soul Integration
– Deep-level neurological switching and brain integration
– Self-limiting beliefs and self-empowerment
– Phobias and anxiety
– Energetic cords and redundant vows
– Invasive energies
– Assemblage Point alignment….. and much more

The innovative holographic approach will benefit you in many ways:

– IH addresses the “total being”
– You’ll get a protocol template to address any issue a client can present with, confidently
– The healing integrates client’s all-being dimensions
– Safety tests are already included to prevent healing crisis
– The client’s body guides what to do next, eliminating worry
– Hands-on healing techniques and much more will be added to your knowledge

We incorporate tools for change via neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to ensure:

– Client creates a clear outcome
– Client chooses their new healed state
– We identify and address secondary gain programs that may hinder healing
– The void left by clearing redundant programs is filled
– Client owns their healed state
– We test and reinforce that the client believes in their healing process

Healing Pathways and Healing Concepts, provides a complete system to ensure incredibly deep and profound sessions. Easy physical body procedures (Healing Body), life coaching and NLP skills (Healing Mind) are some of the skills you’ll learn in modules 3 and 4.

This course is designed for your optimum learning and experience, which is why we keep classes small. There are limited spaces available, so act fast if you want your spot!

Foundations starts the course, and Pathways and Concepts will follow. Body and Mind come next and if you’re still along for the ride and want it ALL, the four Masterclasses bring it all to a beautiful conclusion.

The course will start on the 7th March 2024. It will run for 8 days starting on the 7th March until the 14th. Then there will be 1 day off and then back on the 16th for the final 6 days, with the course finishing on the 21st March.

There is accommodation available on site for 3 to share, a twin room and a double room, static caravan with large lounge and wood burner.

Do you know anyone that might be as excited as we are? Share this information with them.

Want to know more or experience a “taster” session? Get in touch with Colette at info@wildwomanholistics.com or on 07502221421.

We can’t wait to see you soon!

The IH Team x


March 7


Kilmarnock Ayrshire
Kilmarnock, KA GB
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